Like any company handling hazardous materials across Canada, Stablex is governed by Environment and Climate Change Canada as well as by the Environmental Emergencies Regulation. The team must therefore meet specific requirements in terms of emergency prevention and the implementation of emergency plans. Stablex imposes high standards and rigor in the safe conduct of its activities, from the arrival of a truck delivering waste to the placement of processed materials. The company does not receive flammable or explosive products.

Safety being an integral part of the company’s DNA, Stablex has put in place a series of measures to prevent accidents, control the risks associated with its activities and intervene in case of emergency. Here are some of them:

  1. Specialized in-house laboratory where 100% of the residues and soils received are analyzed
  2. Buildings equipped with automatic sprinklers
  3. Watertight fence and drainage system around the plant to collect rainwater and accidental leaks
  4. Preventive maintenance and inspection program for equipment and facilities
  5. Complete safety training for all personnel and subcontractors
  6. Retention basins for each tank on site to ensure recovery of liquid products in the event of a leak
  7. Close and fruitful collaboration with the Blainville Fire Department (SSIB):
    • Emergency measures plan and specific intervention protocols established jointly, revised, and updated every year
    • Joint training and simulation of teams to practice the emergency measures plan
  8. In-house brigade composed of the most experienced personnel and trained on a regular basis
  9. Intervention trailer containing all the necessary equipment to intervene and state of the art equipment

The Stablex team is always vigilant and ready to intervene, when necessary, to ensure the safety and health of its team, the community and the environment. It would like the surrounding population to be just as prepared in the event of an event with the potential to affect them. To do this, listen to and follow the instructions of the authorities in case of an alert by the City of Blainville. The main instructions would be :

  1. To confine yourself or take shelter by immediately entering the nearest building:
    • Close all doors and windows and caulk openings with fabric
    • Turn off the ventilation, heating and air conditioning system
  2. Evacuate the home or building only if ordered by authorities
    • Leave immediately, taking your emergency kit with you, leaving a note on the table indicating when you are leaving and where you are going, and locking the doors