A Dedicated Team and Ongoing Efforts

We are firmly committed to being a good neighbour. Community relations management is part of the daily work of the Stablex team.

  • Michel Perron, General Manager
  • Pierre Légo, Operations Support & Projects Manager

An Open Line of Communication

Stablex has implemented a formal incident report management process. Any reported incidents will be carefully examined during our Follow-up Committee meetings.

Preventive Nuisance Management

In 2009, Stablex implemented a series of measures to diligently manage all nuisances associated with our activities.

As part of this initiative, Stablex set up a formal incident reporting and management process with the City of Blainville and the MDDELCC. At the same time, our team on the ground has been actively addressing several key issues.

Odor Management

To manage odors, Stablex follows an action plan that includes several measures applied to three main areas: the placement area, the process and the placement cell redesign project.

Minimizing Noise

To reduce ambient noise, outdoor activities cease at 9:00 p.m. in the stablex placement area.

Reducing Dust

In order to control dust, transportation routes near neighborhoods are paved and cleaned. Unpaved roads are systematically covered with water and dust suppressant. In addition, the plant yard is paved and cleaned regularly with a mechanical sweeper.

Keeping our Ears to the Ground

Stablex has set up a monitoring program on our property and in the neighbourhood to help us stay one step ahead of potential nuisances. Reports are taken 24/7, and when incidents occur, we quickly deploy staff to assess the situation and remedy any nuisances related to our activities.