Follow-up Committee

In 1991, we created a Follow-up Committee, as required by government regulation. The committee meets five times a year to examine the company’s activities and includes representatives from the City of Blainville, the Blainville Fire Department, Quebec’s Ministry of Environment and the Fight Against Climate Change (MELCC), the Laurentian Public Health Department, Stablex and community members.

The Follow-up Committee’s primary role is to ensure Stablex’s activities comply with requirements set forth by the MELCC and other competent authorities. It also verifies that organizations represented at the table follow through on their commitments and ensures that all issues are properly understood. When necessary, the committee makes recommendations to the right decision makers.

Here’s the official breakdown of the committee:

  • City of Blainville: One city councillor and one representative from the Environment Division
  • Blainville Fire Department: One representative
  • MELCC: One representative (the Ministry has left this position vacant since 2012)
  • Laurentian Public Health Department: One representative
  • Stablex: Operations Manager; Health, Safety and Environment Manager and a health, safety and environment specialist
  • Community: At least three community members

Good Neighborly Relations Committee

Stablex voluntarily set up a Good Neighborly Relations Committee in 2009. Made up of local residents and company managers, the committee meets on a regular basis. Its mandate is to act as liaison between Stablex and the community where it operates.
The committee monitors the company’s activities and keeps track of our community involvement. At the meetings, we discuss how potential nuisances can be eliminated and how we can address any issues that come up.
The Good Neighborly Relations Committee includes eight residents of the Plan-Bouchard and the Boisés du parc équestre neighborhoods, which are adjacent to our plant and site.
Minutes are taken at each committee meeting to ensure transparency and make it easier to follow up from one meeting to the next. A report outlining the Good Neighbourly Relations Committee’s activities is updated each year and published online.

Bilan des activités du Comité de bon voisinage 2009-2017